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Insect & Fly Screens

For Windows & Doors supplied and fitted by our experienced installers

Roller insect screens in channels * Fly curtains * Fly doors * Fly mesh available in fibreglass aluminium & stainless steel.
Hinged insect screens.
Roller screens in channels for patio and french doors
Insect screens can be made for almost any window or door.
Screens for shading roof panels
Omega Standoff Screen
Slider Screens
Chain Screens

Made from durable lightweight anodised aluminium chain, this wall of glittering metal will deter the vast majority of flying insects. Installation is straightforward and the screen is easily removed when not in use.
DIY Systems

Mesh Strip Curtains are a simple and affordable solution to the problem of flying insects. Easy to install using only basic tools and convenient in their walk-through and removable nature, the Mesh Strip Curtain can be assembled and installed to your doorway within 10 minutes.

The DIY Kit Consists of:

Easy to follow instructions
1 Plastic Head Rail + Fixtures & Fittings
4 Grey Fibreglass Mesh Strip Panels
4 Plastic Clip-on Weights

Using scissors the Mesh Strip Curtains can be trimmed to suit the height of your door. the overlap of the mesh strips can be varied and the head rail trimmed according to the width of your door. Plastic weights are clipped to the bottom of the mesh strips to prevent wind movement and to protect the mesh from scuffing and fraying.
When not required, the mesh strips can be unhooked from the head rail and stored until required again.

D I Y - Strip Curtains.
Maximum Width: 950mm - Maximum Drop: 2200mm

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